Guy THROWS BEER at Lil Wayne; gets TRASHED by fan



A silly clubgoer recently LEARNED the consequences  of throwing a Beer bottle at Lil Wayne’s during his “Release Partiez” club tour show in Ft. Lauterdale. 



Before Weezy got started on his set at the Revolution Live concert a presumably disgruntled “white boy,” hurled a beer at the ” Viva La White Girl” rapper which OBVI pissed him and his crew TF OFF. 


Though the 32-year-old Louisiana native publicly BASHED the unknown culprit, another fan in the crowd was NOT satisfied with that punishment. 

A thick bodied gentleman PUSHED THROUGH the crowd burrowing towards Wayne’s beer tossing taunter while the rapper continues performing. 
Once big homie reached the perpetrator he PUNCHED HIM several times until he DROPPED to the floor. 
No telling if Lil Tunechi’s crusader actually caught the culprit or just some random white guy in the crowd…
But one thing is for sure, you WILL get handled if you cross the Young Money boss. 

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