Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez pump the breaks on their divorce 


Though Halle Berry many NOTTT have the best track record when it comes to driving, the black Hollywood hottie is pumping the breaks on divorcing super sexy screen gem, Olivier Martinez…

Just a year after both the 50-year-old “Catwoman” star and her estranged hubby duked it out to be the first to legally petition for their permanent separation, rays of sunlight are now beaming out from behind the dark clouds that once huddled over their three year marriage.
According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, despite receiving individual reminders about finalizing their divorce before the filings get dismissed, neither Olivier nor MUVA Berry have moved to DEAD their union.
Apparently, loose lipped sources connected to the super LIT sweethearts claim neither of them are in a rush to pull the plug on their love and that they are both fine with staying married..

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No exact word on why Halle and O are giving their wedded bliss another go..but word on the boulevard has it the Academy Award winning actress–who’s endured a number of messy relationships and two dialed marriages–isn’t BEASTING to get divorced for the third time.


Similarly, Halle is reportedly praying her “Unfaithful” starting ex gets his anger issues under control so she, their 3-year-old son, Maceo, her 6-year-old daughter, Nahla, and him can all live together happily ever after…
Though the romance between the Hollywood honeys is pretty much done-zo, it seems Halle and Olivier are cool being legally bound together as close friends and great parents into infinity…or atleast for now.

By : Asia Grace

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