Hip-Hop heavyweights respond to Dallas police shooting


Tensions in America are at an all time high as five officers of the Dallas Police Department and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) were killed while seven others and two civilians were wounded during what began as a peaceful rally against police brutality in Dallas, Texas on July 7.


On Thursday, several snipers reportedly opened gunfire on a downtown Dallas march for solidarity in light of the murders of slain Louisiana native, Alton Sterling, and Minnesota high school cafeteria worker, Philando Castile.


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Though a number of major media outlets initial named innocent rally-goer, Mark Hughes, as the party responsible for the shooting, police have since arrested two actual suspects while a third suspect was said to have killed his or herself during a stand-off with law enforcement, according to CBSNews.
As of now, none of the incarcerated or deceased suspects have been identified.
In the wake of the mass murders of police officers in Dallas a number of music honchos and social media warriors have taken to Twitter to reflect on the numerous tragedies against humanity.
While a majority of the Hip-Hop who’s who commented on the nation’s social unrest, a handful of digital remarks were made in response to former Republican House representative Joe Walsh’s MESSY tweet in which he appeared to be a threatening Black Lives Matter protesters and President Barack Obama.


hip hop responds to Dallas police shooting



In the midst of all the chaos going on in our nation… I'm going to say goodnight to my rage fueled country & leave you with this image…. A beautiful black queen & her young king. TOMORROW I will be the voice for them as well as all other families around the world as I unite the MEN in my city from all walks, Muslims, Christians, CRIPS, BLOODS, Latinos, asians & whites peacefully in hopes that it spreads across our nation & other rappers, athletes, entertainers & people with money, resources & a platform show face & do more than just POST on social media so we can show the world that when in conflict, we can be UNIFIED as a human race & remain UNITED to decrease the senseless murders & violence across the board on both sides. If you are willing to be a MAN, a REAL MAN & stand with me tomorrow… Then you will find me in the streets of Los Angeles & align yourself with the rest of us soldiers & help end what could possibly be an ALL OUT WAR from within before it gets worse than it already has….. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #AnthonyNunez #PedroVillanueva & #DylanNoble have all been murdered by police officers within a 48 hour period & those officers are at home with their families on paid leave alive & well….. While 5 police officers from Dallas that were protecting a peaceful protest were gunned down & others injured……. Them killing us, us killing them…… Can't you all see WE ARE COMING TO THE END OF MANKIND as we know it !!! "I'm trying to do my part in helping slow it down for not only my family, friends, my children & their mothers futures but yours & your families as well…… & as I put my phone on the charger & call it a night… I AM BEGGING ALL WHO READ THIS TO STAND WITH ONE ANOTHER TOMORROW & BE AT PEACE FOR ONCE….. Those in Los Angeles can STAND WITH ME. [location will come in the am] I LOVE YOU ALL & REMEMBER: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only LOVE can do that" – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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