Hot Nickels: Bobby Shmurda reportedly making 25 cents a day on prison commissary job


It’s safe to assume an incarcerated Bobby Shmurda isn’t hitting his signature Shmoney Dance with the same swaggy fervency he did prior to his 2014 arrest on conspiracy to murder and weapons charges. And with the pitiful pennies the rapper is said to be making on his jail job… Shmoney is likely the last thing he’s dancing over…

Brooklyn’s very own “Hot N***a” spitter is choking down a cold and sour serving of humble pie as he serves out his seven year prison sentence at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. 

According to TMZ, Bobby is working in the bing’s commissary and earning about 10 to 25 cents a day for his dutiful servitude… Which adds up to about $7.75 a week..  
Bobby shmurda

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The 22-year-old Hip-Hop hitter–who, in February, plead guilty to attempting to sneak a shank into prison– spent 30 days in isolation plus lost phone and commissary privileges after being involved an alleged jail brawl with some inmates last November. 

Around the time of Shmurda’s sentencing, his attorney, Alex Spiro, said the “Bobby Bish” boomer may be home in approximately three-and-a-half years due to good time credit and time served. 

By : Asia Grace        

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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