How Bout Dat: Lil Wayne calls “goon squad” to regulate drink-throwing concertgoer [VIDEO]


There are apparently two important things you need to know about Lil Wayne: 1) He ain’t no busta. 2) He comes fully equipped with a gang of goonies at the ready if/when sh** gets out of line…

On Sunday, Louisiana’s 34-year-old beloved son took his talents to Garden City, Idaho where a messy concertgoer attempted to give him a wet welcome to the Gem State…

“Let me tell you somethin’, I don’t know if you thought I was a busta, but I’m rich, so I can’t throw nothing back. But, watch this,” Weezy declared immediately after his performance of “A Milli” was interrupted by a gully concertgoer who hurled a drink on stage. 

“Goon squad, come here. Goon squad, I say every goon that’s with me come here, man,” the Hip-Hop heavyweight commanded of his entourage full of ’bout that life muscle heads, who stood menacingly next to Wayne on stage following the soda sling.


Lil Wayne goons
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“You see, you don’t know them, so you can’t sue them,” the No Ceilings creator yelled at the crowd before instructing his team of tough guys to throw things back at the audience…

“Show over man, whoever the n**** is in the middle, he just ruined y’all’s time, show over,” Lil Wayne exclaimed before slamming his mic down, giving the crowd the middle finger, and storming off stage.




Lil Wayne walks off stage after fans throws water at him! He was so pist he brought is goons out!!

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