Ian Connor ordered to pay a woman $150,000 for stage diving accident 


Ian Connor has more troubles than a single mom of two with four deadbeat baby daddies. In addition to dodging a bevy of sexual assault accusations from a number of women all over the country, the fashion-forward 23-year-old has just been ordered to pay a lady $150,000 for a stage dive gone horribly wrong…

Back in 2015, a woman named Krystina Clowes filed a $225,000 lawsuit against the young stylist/creative director, A$AP Rock, Young Shabba, A$AP Ferg, and Live Nation claiming Shabba and Ian jumped off of the stage and landed on top of her during Flaco’s concert in 2013. 


Kyrstina–who reportedly suffers from a fractured vertebra as a result of the Hip-Hop kids’ sloppy behavior– testified that she is, “in constant pain and she often stays in bed all day to avoid the pain and that her enjoyment of life has been severely curtailed,” according to legal documents obtained by The Jasmine Brand. 

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Ian Connor

Homegirl’s suit also alleges that her injuries have left her unable to care for her child by herself.
“She also testified that because of her chronic back pain that she cannot take care of her daughter on her own and requires assistance to care for her daughter and taking care of her daughter on her own is extremely challenging.”
Unfortunately for Ian, he failed to respond to the suit… And on October 18th  he was ordered to pay ol’ girl $150 RACKS by default judgment — $75,000 for bodily harm, pain and suffering and emotional distress, and $75,000 in punitive damages due to his extreme and outrageous conduct.
So far, A$AP Mob’s most fashionable affiliate has NOT publicly commented on his having to shell out mad bread to Kystina… But it’s safe to say his little blonde locks are all twisted up in anger..
By : Asia Grace  

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