ILoveMakonnen talks coming out, addresses Migos’ gay shade, & says Drake threatened him 


“It’s like, yeah. I like c**k! I’ve had sex with vagina. Maybe one day later on if I want to maybe, you know, whatever — I don’t know,” freshly un-closeted rapper, ILoveMakonnen said of his homosexuality in his first interview since revealing his intimate preferences. 
Though the 27-year-old platinum-selling “Tuesday” spitter spent some time in the shadows following the public subscription to a same-sex lifestyle he made via Twitter back in January, the Atlanta native recently hit The Fader with spillage on his decision to come out as gay, his reaction to Migos’ controversial comments about his sexual revelation, and the time Drake allegedly threatened to “f*** him up” during a Video Music Awards after party last year. 


ON COMING OUT: “It’s like, yeah. I like c**! I’ve had sex with vagina. Maybe one day later on if I want to maybe, you know, whatever — I don’t know!I’m living and learning. But right now it’s like, yup, I’m 27, I’m gay, this is me, whatever y’all. But you just get told, “Oh you gay, you this, you bi, you a f**got, you this, you straight, why you out here playing with this girl,” da da da. I was like, “Lemme start figuring out what I’m doing.”


WAS COMING OUT SCARY: I’ve been a fighting motherf****er, I’ve been living, I’ve been to jail, I done did the real shit already. Saying I’m gay, that’s like, “Oh sh**, I’m man enough!” In this current day and age, where everybody is being so real and so out, and so, you know, straightforward, I was like, I guess I might as well be part of the movement, right?


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ON COMING TO UNDERSTAND HIS SEXUALITY: I didn’t start having sex until after 18 or something like that. I didn’t start developing into those sexual parts of my life until later on. I couldn’t say when I was 13 or 14, “Oh, I’m gay. I’m straight.” I wasn’t having sex then! Like, “When did you first start knowing you were gay?” “When did all y’all start f****n’ getting ya d***s wet and start having nuts and catching h**d-ons and sh**??!” That’s all I’m doing is catching a hard on. Plain human. And it’s not like all of a sudden I’m gonna start wearing dresses and high heels and sh**. I’ve always worn stuff and people been like, “That’s gay, that’s gay.” Hell yeah, that’s what I wanna wear. And I’m still into the g**damn fight sh**.


When asked his thought on the Rolling Stone interview in which Migos suggested that the world was “f***ed up” for supporting his admission of homosexuality, the “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” emcee made it clear that although he NEVER had a friendly relationship with the “Bad And Boujee” rappers, he’s not here for beefing with the trio either. 

ON MIGOS: Did someone mention credible and not mention incredible? That’s really my only comment. Was there not an “in” front of that credible? You see how friends do in interviews. So it’s like, Oh well. With friends like these, who needs enemies. And now you gotta come back with some sorry a** excuse. Nah. That’s only cause you got the #1 record and you didn’t wanna f*** it up. 

 [But] they ain’t got no problem with gay people! They f****n’ song is “Versace”! Like, the f***! N***, [Gianni] Versace is the gayest n***. They ain’t got issues with him, why they got issues with me?

I’ve seen a few [people online] trying to defend me against the Migos and all that sh**. Guys, if you all know me, I’m always about “let’s keep some peace.” It don’t even matter. Migos say whatever they said. It’s a misunderstanding. But there’s no war over here. It can get messy in Atlanta, though, ’cause it’s probably more gays than it is g**damn straights! They will rise!
And when time came to start jawing about his severed relationship with Drake, Makonnen had more than a mouthful to spill on the downfall of his partnership with the man who helped catapult his career. 
ON BEING SIGNED TO OVO: This when I got signed. He’s all in my face telling me, “You one of the greatest songwriters ever,” da da da. Just blowing me up, bruh. And I’m the little kid from tragedy right now. You could see it. It was written all over my face! I’m depressed as f***!

And then when I’m like, ”Can y’all tweet out my mixtape? Can I get a feature? Can I get production?” No, no, no. So I’m just over here in prison?! Am I in prison?!!

And it’s like, who y’all talking about? Cause y’all definitely haven’t been talking about Makonnen lately. And they know my name very well — they used to say, “I love your name.” Remember? When it made change over there? Made more change than any other motherf***er on the label, huh?

Makonnen went on to discuss a messy encounter with the More Life mastermind that went down last September following MTV’s VMAs…
ON BEING THREATEND: “I was threatened by others. Someone I so-called look up to. Saying, “We gon f*** you up the next time we see you.” And I was like, “Let me stop being me.” I started to go back to, “I’m just gonna go eat anything, and just be hiding myself and sh**.” And then I was like, “No! I’m not doing that no more! I don’t give a f***! I’m — me.” And that’s what led me to coming out and sh**.

It was in the middle of the goddamn afterparty at the Up&Down club [in New York]. Everybody that was in there was in there. I’m in here around these Vanguard Awards and I’m accepted and I took pictures with Chainsmokers and G-Eazy and everybody and we all friends. And I’m here in the middle of the floor, no security, and they coming and I just step to the side and they see me and stop and the biggest motherf***er in the game goes, woo woo woo, “Next time I’ma f*** you up!”

And all security and everybody stop like, “What the f***.” And the guys with me was like, “What you do?!”

I don’t have nothing to say. All I did was smile. And I guess they took that as a threat. I was confused, like, “It can’t be little old me. I’m just a g**damned old record from way back when. What the f*** am I doing causing stresses and pains?”

Around all that security, the dude that’s doing it — we have a platinum-selling record together! The guy! The leader of the crew! This a nice VMA party, bruh. This ain’t no little back alley on the southside of Atlanta. Do you think I’m on some let’s buck sh**?

I guess it came back from my freestyle, from that Tim Westwood. When I’m rapping, people think I’m throwing shots. I ain’t rapped no names! All I did was rap!

I was like, Let me go ahead and withdraw and put something out [on Twitter] in case some sh** ever happen to me. ‘Cause everybody did see that, but I know everybody so scared of those motherfuckers that if anything did happen to me they’d just be like, “Yhh.” Then I went back to L.A., and then I moved here to Portland. [Pause] And if I look at your track record — when I was really in the streets selling dope you was on the g**damn TV screen-acting. I just met you on a song together and then y’all acted funny style on me. Or maybe I acted funny style on y’all. But somehow our relationship didn’t work out, and then the next time I saw you again you tried to threaten me.”

The openly gay Hip-Hop heavy hitter goes on to give more drop on his sexuality, dealings in the business, and future endeavors..

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