Is James Harden BANGIN an Austrailian college girl behind Khloe Kardashian’s back? 

Is Khloe Kardashian’s new NBA ballin boo CREEPIN on her already?
Word on the block is Khlo Khlo’s latest love interest, Houston Rockets superstar, James Harden, is bumping nasties with a 23-year-old Australian college student.

According to NewIdea, Harden’s alleged side piece, Rochelle Relf, gave DROP about her romance with the 25-year-old philandering athlete in effort to save Khloe from getting EMBARRASSED by love…AGAIN!

“Khloe was with James in Hawaii, then he flew to Australia and spent the night with me,” Rochelle SPILLED. ‘He was charming, affectionate – he asked me to visit him in America and told me that he was a single guy.”
The college girl claims she’s HERE for the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star and doesn’t want James’ alleged CROTCH HOPPIN ways to emotionally damage Kim K’s younger sister…


“I don’t want to hurt Khloe,” Rochelle SERVES. ‘But as a woman I think we need to hear these things and she should know the truth. James is very good at making himself out to be a loyal person.
She continued, “He is Mr Romantic and says what you want to hear. But he is in no way ready to be settling down and it’s no secret Khloe wants a family.”
Whether this TEA is real or not…it sure is JUICY!
So far, neither Khloe nor James have confirmed or denied the rumors of his infidelities.

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