Is Kanye West CUTTING TIES with Jay-Z’s Tidal? 


Rumor has it Kanye is ready to DEAD his connection with Jay-Z’s Tidal and hook up with rival streaming service company, Apple Music.


Sources SPILL claiming Yeezy gearing up to make business moves that could affect his and HOV’s friendship forever.


According to HitsDailyDouble, the 37-year-old “All Day,” crooner is DONE working with Jay’s Roc Nation and Tidal companies and toying with the idea of releasing new album “Swish” via Apple.




“Kanye West is making changes, distancing himself from Tidal, firing Roc Nation and managing himself, with an unofficial assist from the Jenner-Kardashian clan,”serves HDD.


In regards to Ye’s upcoming project the site says, “As for Kanye’s long-delayed album, there’s some chatter that the release will be connected to Apple Music’s launch.”




Though Ye’s team SQUASHED babble about an alleged disconnect with his “N*ggas In Paris,” collaborator before, we can never be to sure what Kanye will do as long as Kris Jenner is in his life.




If Kanye does indeed HOP OFF of Jigga’s Tidal wave, Jay better be prepared to do MAJOR damage control. It’s NEVER good for a business to have dissension in the ranks…



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