Issa No For O, Dawg: Oprah Winfrey passes on running for POTUS [VIDEO]

O, NAH…..
Trump, Kanye West, and anyone else with presidential hoop dreams in 2020 can have that life all to themselves as culture G.O.A.T., Oprah Winfrey, has completely DEADED hopes she’ll run for public office. 


America won’t soon be on its feet cheering as the 63-year-old everything influencer yells “you get health care, you get citizenship, and you get equal rights” in her unforgettable “you get a car” cadence, as she’s rebuffed speculations she’ll make an attempt at the Oval Office in four years…or ever! 

While chopping it up with best girlfriend, Gayle King, on CBS This Morning  the billionaire businesswoman made it painstakingly clear she’s everything but interested in pursuing a career in politics. 

Oprah Winfrey president
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“There will be no running for office of any kind for me,” MUVA O replied when Gayle slyly asked if she had an opinion on prospective candidates for the next election—-this, after a New York Post labeled Oprah the “Democrats Best Hope for 2020.”

Suspicions the OWN Network mastermind—who fiercely supported president Barack Obama throughout his campaigns and terms— was gearing up to throw her wig in the POTUS ring grew after she retweeted the article accompanied by the caption, “Thanks for your VOTE of confidence!” 

And though she totally uninterested in slaying as the nation’s 46th Commander-in-Chief, Twitter can help but imagine what a welcomed change she’s be. 

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