ISSA WIN: Hip-Hop/R&B dubbed the most dominant genre of music in the U.S.


That once-celebrated old time Rock & Roll can have the fluffiest seat in a rocking chair as Hip-Hop and R&B have collectively earned bragging rights as the most dominant genre of music for the first time in American history.


After years of playing the background, the stylized rhythmic sounds of skilled rappers, singers, and beat makers has surpassed all other musical genres in overall consumption.
Thanks to the advent of streaming, according to the new Nielsen Music annual mid-year report, obtained by Forbes, R&B and Hip-Hop are now responsible for 25.1% of all music consumption in the U.S., while Rock claims 23%.

Hip-Hop most dominant genre

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While Rock, the previously crowned king of audio artists is still the leader in album sales, enjoys a staggering 40.1% of total album sales in the United States, Hip-hop/R&B is responsible for just over 29% of all on-demand streams across the country and is one of the leading most popular categories on Spotify and Apple Music.

The culture-based genre also holds seven of the top ten songs across these platforms.


Based on Nielsen’s findings, rap G.O.A.T., Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN is the most popular album in the nation… While Ed Sheeran’s rhythmic “Shape Of You” has been dubbed the country’s most popular track.

By : Asia Grace

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