J. Cole seemingly DRAGSSSS Kanye West on new track; Twitter weighs in 



While most of the world warmly welcomed Kanye West home after his week-long stint in UCLA Medical Center where he received specialized treatment for a number of mental health issues, it seems rapper J.Cole may be greeting the debilitated “Famous,” rhymer with some icey-cold tailor-made lyrical shade.


Last night, Hip-Hop heads with internet connection feasted their eyes on Cole’s 40 minute Tidal documentary entitled, Eyez, which featured new music from the North Carolina native’s soon to drop LP, 4 Your Eyez Only.


J. Cole


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On track, “False Prophets,” the 31-year-old Dreamville rhymer appears to have sent some heavily weighted shots at Yeezy (and/or possibly Drake) all throughout the song.

“Yeah, life is a balance You lose your grip, you can slip into an abyss
/No doubt you see these n****as trippin’/Ego in charge of every move, he’s a star/
And we can’t look away due to the days that he caught our hearts/
He’s fallin’ apart, but we deny it
/Justifying that half-ass sh** he dropped, we always buy it
/When he tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately
/It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately
/There was a time when this n****a was my hero, maybe
/That’s the reason why his fall from grace is hard to take/
’Cause I believed him when he said his sh** was purer and he
 The type of n***a swear he real but all around him’s fake/
The women, the d**kriders, you know, the yes men
 Nobody with the b***s to say somethin’ to contest him
/ So he grows out of control
Into the person that he truly was all along, it’s startin’ to show
/ Damn, wonder what happened
Maybe it’s my fault for idolizing n***as based off the words they be rappin’
/But come to find out, these n***as don’t even write they sh**
/ Hear some new style bubblin’ up, then they bite the sh**
/ Damn, that’s what I get for lyin’ to myself
 Well, f**k it, what’s more important is he’s cryin’ out for help
/ While the world’s eggin’ him on, I’m beggin’ him to stop
/ And playin’ his old sh**, knowin’ he won’t top it; false prophets.”


“I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad/ He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that’s been had/ By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin’/ Talkin’ ’bout, n***a don’t f*** with him, the shit is depressin’/And I know he so bitter he can’t see his own blessings/ Godd**n, n***a, you too blind to see you got fans, n***a/And a platform to make a classic rap song To change a n***a life, but you too anxious livin’ life/ Always worried ’bout the critics who ain’t ever f****n’ did it/ I write what’s in my heart, don’t give a f*** who F****n’ with it/  But in a sense I can relate, the need to be great/ Turns into an obsession and keeps a n***a up late/ Writin’ words, hopin’ people observe the dedication/ That stirs in you constantly, but intentions get blurred/ Do I do it for the love of the music or is there more to me?Do I want these n***as to worship me? False prophets.”



Following the documentary’s debut, Twitter fingered music lovers hopped onto their preferred social medium to weigh in with their thoughts about J.Cole’s seemingly cold-hearted commentary on Ye’s personal and professional misfortunes.



Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only is slated for iTunes release on Friday, December 9.


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki          

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