Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival execs cut corners on toilets: “No one is eating…so no one’s pooping”



Ja Rule’s name is still being dragged through port-a-potty toilet bowl helllll for it’s unfavorable attachment to the epic failure that was the grand opening/grand closing of April’s Fyre Festival.



And while Murder Inc.’s 41-year-old “I Cry” rapping front man and his business partner, Billy McFarland, are up to their baby hairs in legal entanglements– thanks to their falling way short on promises to provide high-rolling concertgoers with a paradise-based “cultural moment created from an alchemic blend of music,”–newly leaked emails reveal festival executives were well aware that they were over budget weeks before the show…and messily planned to cut corners on basic accommodations and amenities, like bathrooms.

According to correspondences between Fyre Festival organizers, obtained by Mic, an urgent April 3 email with the subject line, “RED FLAG- BATHROOMS/ SHOWER SHIPPING,” was sent out by a mid-level concert worker which alerted senior staff, including 25-year-old co-founder Billy McFarland and Fyre Media president Conall Arora, of a growing crisis: the unexpectedly high costs (estimated to be at least $400,000) of shipping enough toilets and showers to the Bahamas to accommodate an anticipated 2,500 people on the island.
Because the email was released shortly after food suppliers, Starr Catering Group, deaded their involvement with the festival, an assistant jokingly replied “No one is eating so therefore no ones pooping.”

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Elsewhere in a separate email thread, Fyre executives kidded around about providing ticket-holders–some of whom were said to have spent upwards of $100,000 on the event billed as a two-weekend long “exotic” celebration of the musical arts on the Great Exuma islands in the Bahamas–with the least amount of portapotties as possible saying, “If we cut [the 125 portable stalls] in half, we would just have double the line wait?” and “We have to move quick on this or we are in a sh***y place, lol. Sorry.”

Saving money by reducing the number of Fyre staff and media influencers was also suggested throughout the email chain, while the luxury villas as advertised on the site for premier attendees hadn’t even been secured–hence the FEMA tent housing.


As previously reported on Cheekywiki.com, would-have been guests to the Bahamian alternative to Coachella were greeted with substandard housing and nourishment upon arrival at the Fyre Festival.

In addition to the lackluster provision at the “Lord Of The Flies”-like event, attendees were said to have gone days without a sufficient supply of water, electricity, security, or a safe way off of the private island.

No telling what affect these emails will have on the 2839372939 class-action lawsuits pending against Ja Rule, Billy, and the entire Fyre family…But it’s safe to assume a lot of angry people are about to be a whole lot angrier.

By : Asia Grace

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