Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz: CASE DISMISSED


The legal battle accusing FAVA Jamie Foxx and 2 Chainz of stealing music for their newly released single “Party Ain’t a Party” has been dismissed.
Earlier this year, music company Nontra Records sued the two men who accused the two artists of STEALING music for their new collaboration.
And as we KNOW, music companies know how to CATAPULT HELLA SHADE when it comes to COIN.
Want the TEA?
Here’s the MUVA F**king TEA.
Nontra Records SPILLED that Foxx stole a song from their artist J Rand, to REVIVE the actor/singer’s DEAD music career since he’s absent from the scene for over 4 years.


The lawsuit said the J Rand and the  Foxx/2 Chainz songs were EXACTLY the same and they sued for damages due to the copyright violations by the artists.
EXACTLY one day after the lawsuit was filed in court, the music company filed docs stating they are dismissing the entire legal battle. And a Federal court judge yelled, “case is closed,” deading the entire issue.
Though we are happy for FAVA Foxx and Titty Boy we would be REMISS if we didn’t throw some SIDE EYE to the case’s abrupt close.
It’s safe to say that the musicians and tossed BIG BANK at the music company and made the problem magically disappear.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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