Jesse Williams reportedly cheating on wife with Minka Kelly for over a year



Lust, one of the most powerful deadly sins, is said to be the driving force behind Jesse Williams’ recent decision to chuck the deuces at his wife after five years of marriage..



The flesh wants what it wants, and sources connected to the 35-year-old Greys Anatomy starring zaddy say his fair and freckled skin has been rubbing up against Derek Jeter’s ex-boo thang, Minka Kelly, for well over a year…

Insiders spill to PageSix claiming Jesse and the 36-year-old 500 Days of Summer vixen, “…Started seeing each other last year. He ended things with his wife this year. He’ll be in Paris with Minka later this week. People know [about the relationship], but weren’t saying anything because he was still married.”



Thanks to his rumored relationship with Minka, Jesse–who filed for divorce from the mother of his young kids, Aryn Drake-Lee, in April on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences,”– has reportedly been accused by friends of trading his family for Hollywood fame.

“He’s going to wake up and be like, ‘What did I do?’ He has two children. This isn’t Hollywood, where you can say ‘cut.’ [He and Minka] are in lust,” the source said.

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While the unlikely lovers both starred in Lee Daniels 2013 box office smash, The Butler, a spokesperson for the super WOKE screen gem maintains that Jesse only recently met Minka while they worked together on a video game in France.

As for the dissolution of his holy matrimony with Aryn, Jesse–who’s seeking joint custody of his little ones, Sadie and Maceo–allegedly wants to arrange support payments to his soon-to-be ex without the law’s involvement.
“He doesn’t want the court to decide the alimony part of it — that doesn’t mean he’s not paying for child or spousal support. They’re working it out through mediation,” a loose-lipped messenger served.


“Aryn is not at home crying. She’s educated and healthy. She’s continuing to spend time with her family and network of friends while building her name in the art world in LA,” the insider added.



So far, neither Jesse nor Aryn have openly commented on their break-up.


By : Asia Grace

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