Jhonni Blaze APOLOGIZES for accusing DRAKE


Stripper Says: SORRY!
According to reports, Jhonni Blaze is apologizing for the allegations that DRIZZY DRAKE threatened her.


On the Huston, TX radio station 97.9 Jhonni Blaze RECANTED her recent claims that she was pregnant and threatened by rapper, Drake.
On Oct 5 the SCORNED STRIPPER made allegations that Drake sent a HITMAN to both her job and residence.
“Blaze says that’s when Drake began “angrily” texting her. She says several people from Drake’s camp then came to her house, banged on her door and threatened her life,” according to reports.
Blaze went to cops but says she’s not sure if she wants to follow through and press charges, said TMZ.
The Houston PD launched a FULL INVESTIGATION.
Today, she made it CLEAR the stories was BLOWN out of proportion and her life was NEVER in DANGER of harm stemming from Drake or his peeps.


In her initial accusatory statement, Blaze also suggested that she “MAY BE” pregnant with the Canadian rapper’s baby.
There have been no reports CONFIRMING or DENYING those allegations.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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