Jim Jones talks 30 minute fight in DC and SHADES French Montana on “Highly Questionable” [VIDEO]



Jim Jones recently SERVED TEA about the altercation he and his fellow Dipset generals got into with rowdy haters at a DC nightclub and tossed rapper French Montana some sub SHADE during his interview on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable.”


When hosts Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones asked the Harlem native about the craziest fight he’d ever been in, Jim gave FULL detail on how a chill night out with Juelz Santana and Freaky Zeeky turned into a full blown 30 minute BRAWL between them and a couple of local GOONS looking for a fight.

“It started with Juelz arguing with somebody,” the 38-year-old rhymer DROPPED. “Somebody said something slick to Juelz, Juelz told him he’ll slap the sh** out of him. His reply was, ‘what?’ And then Zeek said, ‘he’ll slap the sh** out of you.’ And then Zeek slapped the sh** out of him and then the whole fight ensued,” Jim said.

“We was rumbling and scrambling,” he recalled as he continued describing the melee. “A bouncer punched me. I almost laid out, caught myself, we chased them. It was just it was crazy.”




The “We Fly High,” lyricist went on to explain that said he’s and his squad are no strangers to BEEFIN with fake thugs looking for trouble in order to gain bragging rights.

“It’s like yall came all the way to a club to try to provoke me to whoopin your a** and then you go home happy with the a** whooping you got. And this is the society we live in as rappers.”


Later in the interview, the messy ESPN hosts asked Jimmy if French Montana BACKED DOWN from an invitation to fight him.

In response, the “Certified Gangsta” laughed and said, “Shout outs to French, he’s a lover not a fighter. He didn’t want no sauce with that. I think that would have been his best bet. I don’t think he still want no sauce with that.

Jim contined lowkey CLOWNIN the rapper who doubles as Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend by saying, “He should keep on loving and enjoying his career and make the money he’s making. ‘Cause by chance he make that mistake, that’s gonna be a bad mistake for his a**.”


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