Joseline calls Mona Scott Young & K. Michelle “p***y,” talks leaving LHHATL, and an engagement



“I’m just a bad b***h. I feel like them mother f**kers gotta clique up on me cause they some p***y a** hoes,” reality television’s baddest b***h, Joseline Hernandez, said of her back-and-forth online beef with Love And Hip-Hop mastermind, Mona Scott Young, and former co-star, K. Michelle.

When Love And Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Puerto Rican princess isn’t busy cutting her teeth as a new mommy to her and Stevie J’s six-month-old daughter, Bonnie Bella, the 30-year-old self-proclaimed “mega latin superstar” is steady taking social media swings at everyone from the VH1 production hand that feeds her to the 21-year-old “nappy head” daughter of her Bad Boy music making baby’s father..

On Friday, while perched beneath a shoulder length jet-black bob-cut, Joseline candidly conversed with the morning show hosts of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on a number of subjects including her on-again-off baby beef with Stevie, her sorrowful departure from the Love And Hip Hop brand, and her possible engagement with a new love interest in the latest city she calls home, Miami.


After professing her sexual affinities for women over men–which was followed up by an admission to dreaming of one day bump privates with “Anaconda” rap beauty, Nicki Minaj– Joseline briefly touched on contentious dealings with her 45-year-old faux ex-husband.

“Stevie and I have been through some things. And whatever we’ve been through, I really feel bad about that,” an uncharacteristically tranquil “Stingy With My Kutty Kat” spitter confessed. “You know, I apologized to him for everything that we’ve done to each other and said to each other.”

Though unwilling to unveil the current status of their struggly co-parenting relationship, Joseline revealed she became pregnant with Bonnie Bella when she and Stevie were separated…and figured “why not” have a baby.

When asked to explain the recent online share of a touching handwritten letter she addressed to her infant daughter– a note in which the bilingual rapper acknowledges her “darling Momma Love” for inspiring her early retirement form LHHATL saying, “Bonnie Bella you gave me strength to walk away from situations that were destructive to my health, my soul and well-being,”– an emotional Joseline tearfully pointed to the professional betrayal she experienced via Mona Scott Young as her reason for penning the heartfelt message..


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Joseline Hernandez the breakfast club

“How do you show me like this?,” a weepy Joseline–who served as an executive producer of her VH1 delivery special– angrily said of Mona’s exploitive portrayal of her on television. “You just gave me a $500,000 budget, but this is how you show me? I didn’t like that sh**. That sh** really bothered me.

She continued, “You gave me a $500,000 budget to do a show for my daughter. But then you turn around and just do this to me. I didn’t like that. That sh** really hurt me, because I feel like sometimes, you gotta respect certain things. Especially a person like me, I been with the network for seven years. And, if you allow me to do something better, allow me to do that. Don’t try to turn around and show something that I’ve done four years ago, that’s not fair.”

Joseline added, “When I felt like walking away, I felt like I need to explain… Cause the way they were showing me on TV, I wanted to explain to my daughter, ‘Damn I did that sh** like four years ago, why is it coming back up?’ And in that moment, that’s when I feel like walking away because I’m like, it’s just not fair.”

After trolling Mona and her “VSOP” singing former homegirl, K. Michelle, for teaming up against her in a recent online exchange of shady wits and quips, Joseline smooth denied the Love And Hip Hop creator’s heavy-handed involvement in catapulting her television career.

“She didn’t give me an opportunity, we gave each other an opportunity,” the Florida transplant maintained.

Before closing her interview with a word of prayer, Joseline flexed a moon-rock sized diamond ring, prompting the show hosts to assume that she’s engaged to the mystery man who’s recently debuted on her social media platforms– an assumption the “Baby Daddy” boomer did NOT deny..





By : Asia Grace

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