Judge denies Kevin Gates’ Stand Your Ground defense in battery case 

The Florida based judge presiding over Kevin Gates’ battery case just made the rapper and his defense team take SEVERAL seats as she denied their movement to invoke the state’s Stand Your Ground law as a means to get the charges against him dropped..

This week, courtroom honcho, Sharon Franklin, denied the 30-year-old’s argument that he physically assaulted a young woman in self-defense back in 2015..
As many Hip-Hop heads may recall, last year, the Louisiana native went up top on a handsy female fan who repeatedly pulled at his shorts while he did his thing on stage in Lakeland, FL.
Shortly after video of the “2 Phones,” spitter kicking the teenaged girl in her chest went viral, ol’ boy was charged with simple battery.
He then moved to convince the courts that he was innocent under the Stand Your Ground law which ensures a person’s right to self-defense in incidents in which one faces an “imminent threat, death, or great bodily injury.”
In light of Kevin’s self-defense claims, judge Franklin has now determined that the Stand Your Ground law — most infamously used by George Zimmerman to justify the murder of Trayvon Martin — does NOT apply in his case.

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“While a simple act of touching or pushing someone without his or her consent may amount to simple battery, the Court finds that such a minor act does not necessarily rise to such a level as to justify the use of force in return,” the judge wrote in her decision to deny Kev’s motion to get his record cleared.
Judge Franklin also came for the “IDGT,” rapper who has continuously invited kids onstage during his performances though he claims to be in constant fear for his life and the lives of his children after receiving a series of death threat.
“Defendant testified that he is always scared for his safety at his shows because of death threats he’s received, yet he allowed a very young child to not only walk out on stage with him but allowed this child to remain on the stage for the entire performance,” Franklin wrote.


Although a trial date has not been set, Kevin is slated to return to court for another hearing on Aug. 25.
If convicted on the misdemeanor battery charge, the Hip-Hop heavyweight could face up to a year in a Polk County jail.
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

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