Judge dismisses Jay-Z and Timbaland’s “Big Pimpin” copyright infringement case 


Jay-Z can now cross off another issue from his list of 99 problems as a judge TOSSED out the copyright infringement case filed against him and Timbaland. 


As reported on Cheekywiki, HOV and Timbo have gone toe to toe with the nephew of an Egyptian composer who claimed they sampled his music for their hit track, “Big Pimpin” without the family’s permission. 


It was proven that the Hip-Hop honchos did in fact pay $100,000 to license the song from the estate (via a record label) of the Middle Eastern musician. 

Judge dismisses Jay-Z and Timbaland's  


After the 45-year-old Roc Nation figurehead and “Empire’s” musical mastermind testified in court, U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder ruled that the composer’s nephew did NOT have the right to sue the rap gods after all. 

Following the judge’s decision, Timbaland’s legal reps released this statement: 

“We and our clients obviously are very pleased with this decision. The court correctly ruled that the Plaintiff had no right to bring this case and cannot pursue any claim of infringement in connection with Big Pimpin’ whatsoever. Defendants have maintained throughout that Mr. Fahmy has no right to sue for infringement in connection with Big Pimpin’ and that fact has now been established.”


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