K. Michelle on the Breakfast Club

K. Michelle comes for EVERYONE’S EYEBROWS on Power 105.1 FM’s the Breakfast Club. 

She TOSSES Souljah Boy and Elle Varner SHADE, explains what happened between her and Lil Kim’s friendship, SPILLS on her personal relationships, her NEW reality show, talks about Meek Mill and SO MUCH MORE…
MUVA K NEVER gave a F**K, just listen to her 2014 mixtape “Still No F*cks Given.”  The “Can’t Raise A Man,” singer’s interview with Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy let the world no SHE STILL DOES NOT HAVE ONE F**K TO SPARE (very MUVA like conduct). 
Kim’s fans came after K. Michelle after K called MUVA Nicki Minaj, “the queen of rap,” on Twitter. But K was NOT HERE FOR IT AT ALL. She said, “B*tch tryna get a moment. For the VMA moment. Neither one of us was there muthaf*cka…got damn. At least I’m in the studio working…you know it’s my first album. You been in the game, you could have at least been a guest.” Shots fired! K was confused as to why Kim didn’t just text her since she has her phone number. In fact, she said she and Kim once talked about K being her daughter Royal Reign’s godmother. But K said no harm, no foul she will STILL shake THOSE CRAZY CAKES to Lil Kim’s songs. 
When it comes to Souljah, she popped off saying, “I watched an interview and Soulja Boy was on this interview and they was asking him like, asking all the men of Love & Hip Hop LA, who would they bang. And hey said me… ok great…but Soulja Boy implies that he had slept with me.”
AND JUST WHEN YOU THINK MUVA IS DONE, she RAN HIM DOWN even further: “He’s giggling, he’s like ‘Nah I ain’t say that’ and then he’s giggling. You can giggle on these nuts! Let me tell you something Soulja Boy, cause I know you gone hear this, what you not gone do is lie on my hot pocket. When I do something, I say I did it. And that’s what it is. So that giggling, we don’t want to giggle about the transgender in Atlanta, giggle giggle, now crank that, crank that!”
You MUST listen to YOUR MUVA!

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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