Kanye West gets Taylor Swift treatment via STAGE CRASHER [VIDEO] 


Kanye West got Taylor Swift’ed by a fan of the “1989,” singer during his show in Glastonbury, last night.

Yesterday, the 38-year-old “All Day,” spitter was unpleasantly surprised by comedian and professional stage crasher, Lee Nelson.
While Yeezy was putting down for his fans in Great Britain, Lee ran up on stage with him and started fake rapping next to Kim K’s hubby.
In response to his uninvited guest, Ye signaled for his security squad who then ran up on ol’ boy and DRAGGED him off the stage…


A few hours after the ordeal, Lee took to Twitter saying, “I Kanye’d Kanye. This was for you [Taylor Swift] #Leezus,” referring to when Yeezy mic jacked Tay Tay at the VMAs in 2009.
This was HARDLY Lee’s first time jumping into the center of a big show, he also hopped his A** into the spotlight at the 2014 “X Factor” live shows.
According to reports, homeboy was NOT arrested following his Kanye concert crash.


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