Kardashian Curse or Nah: Travis Scott forced to give up 50% of his “Antidote” coin 


It’ll be hard NOT to blame the Kardashian Curse on Travis Scott’s latest misfortune…
On the heels of going public with his and Kylie Jenner’s matching clover tattoos, half of the bags generated from the otherworldly success of the 24-year-old Texas native’s two-year-old smash track, “Antidote” is being lassoed by the music’s original composers…



Travis Scott antidote
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During a recent interview, Toronto producer, Eestbound, who helped orchestrate the certified triple-platinum song, revealed the sample from Lee Fields & The Expressions’ “All I Need” cost La Flame 50 percent of his track’s publishing.
“It was kind of a weird process,” the music man said. “When Travis Scott released the song on SoundCloud, we didn’t even get any paperwork or anything or an email saying he’s going to release it.
Eestbound continued, “After he released it, it was kind of an issue because the [artist] from the sample told Travis that they want 50 percent of the record, which is normal because Travis didn’t clear it at first. They had to come to him. It was actually generous that they gave us 50 percent because most people could have easily said 75 percent, and he’d just have to take it.”

No telling if this delayed response to Trav’s sneaky sampling is coincidental or if his freshly established association with Tyga’s body goals-giving ex-boo and her famously fierce family has EVERYTHING to do with his new money woes…
Here’s hoping this is the last of the “Mamacita” spitter’s troubles… But if not, we know who’s responsible..

By : Asia Grace

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