KeKe Wyatt on stabbing her abusive ex: “Don’t stand there and just let the guy kill you”



“Yes, I did stab the guy, but it was in self-defense,” R&B singer, KeKe Wyatt, confessed while discussing her self-defensive assault on an abusive ex-lover.



During recent sit down with VladTV, the 34-year-old “Nothing In This World,” chanteuse spilled guts on stabbing the man she was legally married to for eight years while he forcefully choked her in their home.

“If someone is choking you over your kitchen sink […] Don’t stand there and just let the guy kill you…Choke you til you die and your baby’s in the other room,” the vocal powerhouse advised as she delivered her testimony.
Keke Wyatt

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“I was 18, freaking dumb, green as green can be…and so I don’t know nothing. And so I’m with this dude, he’s crap. So I end up in this horrible situation,” Keke explained as she sat side-by-side with her husband of six years, Michael Ford.

“I tried to stay. I tried to work it out. I tried to fix what was broken, and I couldn’t do it. And I had to get out of there,” the fair-skinned bombshell admitted before Michael explained how he was instrumental in Keke’s coping process after she finally removed herself from her abusive pass.


Avant’s “My First Love,” collaborator also revealed that in the midst of her domestic violence woes, her career overseers strongly advised her to fade all inquires and discussions about the abuse she endured and the stabbing of her ex.




By : Asia Grace

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