Kendrick Lamar is NOT ready for Lil Wayne to retire from rap [VIDEO] 


“N***a talkin’ ’bout you retiring and s**t. F**k that n***a! Retiring, or quitting rap, whatever you want to call it n***a. F**k that n***a,” served an inebriated yet coherent Kendrick Lamar.
As the Hip-Hop world continues to mourn the loss of Lil Wayne–who announced his retirement from the rap game via social media last week– the 29-year-old “Alright” spitter openly expressed how un-alright he feels about Weezy taking his final bow. 

“F**k you talkin’ ’bout boy… n***a. This motherf****r man,” an emotional K. Dot said as he recorded himself in a studio bumping to a medley of the Louisiana native’s hit. “No n***a. No! No! No! No! N***a. No.”

As he lamented over Tuenchi’s decision to fade to black, cornrow Kenny proverbially tipped his hat to the Young Money general in honor of his illustrious career from his days of reppin the Hot Boyz to his knocking out 10 consecutive features back in 2007-08. 

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As previously reported on Cheekywiki, a “defenseless and mentally defeated,” Wayne jumped on Twitter altering music stans that he was ready to walk away from the microphone on Sept. 2…

Since going public with his retirement revelation, Hip-Hop honchos such as Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan and more have taken to social media with their and well wishes for the Lil Weezy who many have more recently referred to as the G.O.A.T..


By : Asia Grace 

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