Kendrick Lamar RAPPED about poetry and Hip-Hop with New Jersey High School students [SNIPPET]  


On Monday, Kendrick Lamar took his talents to a New Jersey High school to hear students perform their poetry and give them a lesson in “Hip-Hop Education.”


Just hours after rocking the stage at MetLife Stadium for as the headliner for Hot97’s Summer Jam, the 28-year-old Compton rapper pushed through to High Tech High School in North Bergen, New Jersey, to rap (literally) to kids about his latest album, “To Pimp A Butterfly,” the evolution of rap, and how he transformed from a quiet student in the back of the classroom into one of Hip-Hop’s most heralded rhymers.

Kendrick SPILLED to Rolling Stone that he was inspired by high school English teacher/club organizer Brian Mooney’s thoughts on TPAB and the blog posts he and the students wrote using his album to analyze Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye.”


“I was intrigued that somebody other than myself can articulate and break down the concepts of To Pimp a Butterfly almost better than I can.That let me know he’s a true lover of music,” SERVED Kdot.
He went on to express how moved he was that the teenagers were able to grasp the concepts featured in his mature and thought provoking work.
“I didn’t think I made [To Pimp a Butterfly] for 16-year-olds. I always get, like, my parents or an adult saying, ‘This is great, you have a message, you have themes, you have different genres of music.’ But to get a kid actually telling me this, it’s a different type of feeling, ’cause it lets me know that their thought process is just as advanced as mine, even if I’m 10, 15 years older.”

The kids continued knocking Ken-Ken off his feet with their spoken word skills, crazy freestyle flows, and their ability to teach him about himself.

“Something for me even bigger than mentoring is really listening. When I do that we have a little bit bigger connection than me being Kendrick Lamar and you being the student,” he SPILLED.


“It’s almost like we’re friends. . .I’ve met kids that told me my own flaws, and I had to sit back and check myself and reroute certain ventures that I was heading to.”



Kendrick ended his day at the high school by giving students something to make their Twitter and Instagram followers jealous…a LIVE performance of his new track “Alright.”



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