Kenya Moore dating cast mate Prosha Williams ex husband Kordell Stewart

Many would think that after being DRAGGED onto the floor by your dying edges by Porsha Williams, you’d lead a pretty low profile life moving forward. Well not, Kenya Moore!

Sources say, fading beauty queen Kenya is supposedly dating Porsha Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart. The two were introduced by the 7th Real Housewife of Atlanta by Peter Thomas in his new Charlotte club, Bar One. If the rumors of, “Ken-dell” (Kenya and Kordell) are true, they better watch their weaves!

Earlier this year, the world witnessed MUVA Porsha POUNCE on Keyna at the RHOA Season 6 Reunion after Kenya patronized her and waved a plastic scepter in her face. (Imagine what she’ll do when she finds out her ex Kordell is waving his scepter in Kenya’s face.) 

Kenya may have dug her old dinosaur talons into Kordell despite alleged reports from Porsha of abuse and homosexuality. 

Since her debut on the show in Season 5 of RHOA, Kenya has been on a quest for a husband and a baby. Well, she may have taken a cast mate’s husband, but only time will tell if his fairy dust can fertilize her eggs. 

Keyna denies reports of the relationship. But she also denies she’s 77 years old. She’s a liar.

Nonetheless, RHOA viewers cant wait to see all the drama unfold during Season 7 slated to air on Bravo November 2, 2014. 

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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