Kevin Hart raps battles against Kendrick Lamar

Kevin Hart SHUTS rapper Kendrick Lamar DOWN during a funny freestyle battle.

“That Bitch ain’t mine,” spit Chocolate Droppa, Kevin’s rapping persona (kinda like who “Sasha Fierce” is to Beyonce).

In a room full of friends and fellow comedians, Kev TOOK KENDRICK’S COOKIES as the two entertainers went head to head in a rap battle refereed by E!’s Terrance J.
Kendrick, who has the world singing, “i love myself,” is the second musician to COME UP SHORT when up against Chocolate Droppa’s 5’4″ frame. T-pain also got DRIPPED on by Kev’s alter ego in 2011.

WE KNOW the streets been needing more HEAT from The Droppa which is why we are proud to announce the release of his new album set to hit us on Oct 33.



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MUVA knows best.

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