Keyshia Cole sued for $4 million by woman she allegedly stomped out in Birdman’s condo


When Keyshia Cole wasn’t busy grinding for her life atop a piano in effort to lustily entice Birdman, the Bay Area reppin’ R&B baddie, according to a new lawsuit, was steadily whooping the azz of a woman she believed was pushing up on the Cash Money Records CEO to the tune of $4 million in injuries and damages…

Frankie’s “Heaven Sent” singing daughter will soon be singing the blues if a judge sees fit to grant her alleged assault victim’s request for several bags in compensation coin for the financial and physical hardships she endured following a 2014 fisticuffs encounter with Keyshia.

According to a police reporter pertaining to the incident, obtained by TMZ, complainant, Sabrina Mercadel, claims she was innocently visiting the 35-year-old “Love” crooning songstress’ then-boyfriend at his Los Angeles penthouse when Keyshia pulled up in a jealous rage and put them paws all over her– for the 99 and the 2000s.

Upon the cops’ arrival at the scene, the singer was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant. She was later released on $46K bail.

Keyshia Cole lawsuit

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For her supposed distresses, Sabrina is now demanding she be handsomely reimbursed via Keyshia’s accounts, accordingly:

– $1.5 mil, pain and suffering
– $500k, emotional distress
– $2 mil, loss of use of body part
– $200k, future medical expenses
– $50k, loss of earnings
– $300k, future loss of earnings


Sabrina was also reportedly suing Birdman’s building, however she’s since dropped rap honcho’s crib from the lawsuit.

Sis insists her dealings with the “What Happened To That Boy” rhymer was “platonic.”


Better not let Toni Braxton catch you platonically popping up at his pad, no time soon.

By : Asia Grace

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