The America’s ROYAL FAMILY has taken their talent to PARIS.


MUVA Kim, Ye, and baby North West left for Paris to attend the city’s fashion week on Sept 24 and …
The latest TEA that Kimmy is carrying comes from a noted Kardashian BESTIE, Jonathan Cheban.
The report claims that Cheban has leaked the news that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child.
There’s no way Jonathan Cheban is telling people that MUVA is pregnant without her permission, that would be UNGODLY.
Mrs. West NEVER HID the fact that she and Kanye West intend to have a second child soon.
Some say, it’s more than likely that Kanye West is forcing Kim Kardashian to get pregnant again, and her sole consolation is the amount of publicity she’s going to get for it.


We don’t think MUVA can be forced into doing much she doesn’t want to do. Plus, with North being so EVERY SINGLE THING in this world cute, why WOULDN’T Kim want to DROP “lil East West” (being PRESUMPTUOUS).


Photos leaked of KIMMY tying to hide a baby bump with a large white coat.


What do y’all think… Is she really PREGGY or just being PRETTY?

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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