KNUCK IF YOU BUCK: Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to duke it out in Dubai



Bris Breezy and Big Soulja are itching to knuckle up with each other in the boxing ring…

And the Hip-Hop hot boys are said to be sooooooo pressed to fight that if they can’t get it done on American soil, they’ll happily trash the sh** out of one another overseas.



As the ongoing beef between the trigger-happy “Turn My Swag On,” spitter and his 27-year-old “Don’t Judge Me,” crooning foe continues to boil over, plans for the enemies to go toe-to-toe in a Pay-Per-View matchup under the tutelage of boxing champs Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson are well underway.
Chris Brown Soulja Boy
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While Chris and Soulja originally set their fight night sights on the holy Mecca of boxing matches, Las Vegas, word on the curb has it that both of their respective affinities for recreational drug use would make it virtually impossible for them to rumble in the city of sin.



According to TMZ, the feuding musicians would have to submit to a mandatory drug test prior to popping off in their amateur bout… And because CB and Draco already know they’d fail the f**k out of the tests, the pair is considering taking their boxing talents to Dubai.
Unsurprisingly, both the “Ain’t Loyal,” and the “We Made It” creators are said to be thirstily drooling at the mouth over the millllllllions they stand rake in from a big Pay-Per-View fight…So they’re basically ready to go at it anywhere in the world where they can still make a dollar.
And though some of the coins will hopefully make it to charity… Don’t think for a second that a good amount of money won’t find its way into Breeze and Boy’s bank accounts..

By : Asia Grace

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