Knuck If You Buck: XXXTentacion punches fan in the face for touching him [VIDEO]



Rap rookie, XXXTentacion, is apparently the troublesome gift that keeps on giving…
On the heels of the “Vice City” crooner getting his clock cleaned by an angry detractor who sucker punched him during his Revenge Tour show stop in San Diego, CA ANDD his getting tossed to the ground by his own handlers in the midst of an epically failed crowd-surfing attempt, the 19-year-old Florida native was caught laying hands on a fan at a concert, over the weekend. 




According to Twitter recounts of the TKO, while slaying the mic in Salt Lake City, Nevada on Sunday, XXXtentacion warned his audience of adoring Hip-Hop enthusiasts that he was gearing up to enter the crowd and would gladly punch anyone if they touched him…
One gully concertgoer threw caution to the wind and intentionally came in physical contact with the ’bout that life “King Of The Dead” spitter…which resulted in X fulfilling on his super violent promise..

Xxxtentacion punches fan
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Word on the curb has it XXXTentacion–who’s currently facing a series of serious charges for allegedly beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend– later apologized to the overzealous fan for serving him a knuckle sandwich..
So far, no word on whether or not victim is preparing to press charges or take any legal action against the troubled XXL Freshman class of 2017 emcee..
By : Asia Grace         

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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