Kodak Black faces 8 years in prison; PO says he’s “too young” to handle his drama


It’s safe to assume that the prosecutors in Kodak Black’s probation violation case don’t want to see “Tunnel Vision” rapper winning as they’re reportedly gunning to get him locked up for nearly a decade if he’s found guilty of assaulting a Miami strip club worker…

The 19-year-old Florida reppin rhymer–who’s been clinking a tin can across the bars of Florida’s Broward County jail cells since for the last weeks for allegedly disregarding his legal limitations– appeared in court on Wednesday, where his probation officer suggested he undergo counseling for his anger issues, according to the Sun Sentinel.

“At 19, I don’t think he has a mentality yet to be able to handle everything being thrown at him at once,” said Florida Department of Corrections officer, Sandra Friedman. “He needs to deal with his problems and he definitely needs anger management.”
She added, “I think he needs to go into counseling immediately. I think he’s aware what’s going to happen if he doesn’t,” before recommending prison if Kodak didn’t seek professional help.

Kodak black probation violation
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Jennifer Cunningham, the bartender who claims Kodak chipped her up at Club Climaxxx in Miami, also testified against the “No Flockin” lyricist alleging he punched and kicked her after she asked him to get off of the cooler she uses to serve drinks..

If the prosecutors are able to prove the assault occurred, they are asking that the Paint Pictures mastermind be sentenced to eight years — or 98 months — in state prison.

If they can’t prove Kodak two-pieced the drink slanger, but can show that he violated his conditions by being at the club (and going to a boxing match in Ohio) without his corrections officer’s permission, they are asking for six years.

Kodak’s hearing is set to resume on Friday, April 21.

By : Asia Grace

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