Lala Anthony meets w/ Angelina Jolie’s divorce lawyer amidst Carmelo Anthony break-up


They say it’s better to be safe than sorry; thus, Lala Anthony is said to be arming herself with the one of Hollywood’s most fireproof divorce lawyers in the chance that her strained marriage to NBA hoop-god, Carmelo Anthony, does in fact go up in flames…
Though the jury is still out on whether or not Cupid can reconstruct the crumbling heart once shared between Melo and his box-office slaying bride in light of the 32-year-old Knicks baller’s rumored cheating and incoming side-baby, it appears Lala is taking the proper precautions should she decide NOT to give her estranged boo a second chance… 

In the midst of her muddy marital messy, the 37-year-old Power starring stunner was said to have held conference with Laura Wasser, the famed divorce attorney who represented the likes of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in their respective break-ups, about potentially serving as her legal counsel in her spilt with Carmelo. 

“They met, but nothing will likely happen until the end of summer,” said a source to PageSix. “Carmelo is still in denial and thinks he can fix his marriage.”


Lala Anthony divorce
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Another mouthy insider close to La La said the Baggage Claim star has met with a few lawyers. “She’s trying to figure it out. She doesn’t want anyone saying she’s going through a divorce. She hasn’t signed anything, but they are separated. She’s literally just having conversations . . . just because she met with a lawyer, doesn’t mean she’s getting a divorce.”

Lala “is not like, ‘How much can I get?’ She’s never been like that. She’s always had her own career even before Carmelo. She’s never been into giving all that up to be some basketball wife. And despite whatever is going on, they’re still friends. She doesn’t act like a woman scorned at all. It’s not a knock-down, drag-out fight,” the chatty Patty source added.

As testament to their peaceful parting of ways, Lala and Carmelo were spotted celebrating Mother’s Day together with their 10-year-old son, Kiyan Anthony.  

No telling what’s to become of their marriage, but it’s nice to see the pair is determined to maintain a civil association for their baby’s sake…

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