Lawsuit claims Kanye, Drake, Future & more were discriminated against by ATL Hawks


Drake, Future, Kanye West and a handful of other black performers were given everything BUT special red carpet-treatment at the Atlanta Hawks’ sports and concert venue, according to a freshly filed lawsuit against the Georgia based NFL team..


Blackness is considered a curse at GA’s Philips Arena, if you let former Atlanta Hawks security manager, Samuel Hayes, tell it, as the disgruntled complainant claims he was wrongly fired after pointing out a system of discrimination against black celebs (i.e Drizzy, Ye, Hendrix, Migos, Jeezy, 2 Chainz…just to name a few) at the arena, which is operated and staffed by the Hawks.

Per his suit, obtained by TMZ, Sam alleges that he immediately detected a number of race-driven injustices, such as overly-rigorous security checks for African-American luminaries that weren’t being imposed upon white acts, carried out by his white superiors at the start of his employment with the venue in August 2016..


Atlanta Hawks discrimination
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Using an August 26 incident as evidence to back his charges, Sam points to the arena’s rejection of Drake and Future’s request to bypass metal detectors on their way inside the venue for their concert… A privilege, he claims, that was granted to rock band, AC/DC, just one week later…

The pattern continued … 

Kanye West — DENIED

The Comedy Get Down World Tour (Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, D.L. Hughley) — DENIED

2 Chainz, Jeezy, The Dream — DENIED

Old School Hip Hop Fest — DENIED

Migos — DENIED

Tyler Perry — DENIED

Katt Williams — DENIED (okay, that one makes sense)

Amy Schumer — GRANTED


Ariana Grande — GRANTED (Hayes says she “doesn’t like people looking at her”).


Bon Jovi — GRANTED

Ringling Brothers — GRANTED

In his legal docs, Sam goes on to claim that things came to a head in April 2017 when a black security officer told a white member of Radiohead’s crew he had to walk through a metal detector — and the crew member responded by dropping his pants. He says a white staffer intervened and allowed the crew member to bypass.

When ol’ boy went to management to air-out his grievances on the matter, he alleges he was told, “Hip hop acts draw a different crowd and the white acts bring in more money.”


Sam–who’s demanding unspecified damages–says he was ultimately fired for bringing the issues to light…though he was told he was given his walking papers for reprimanding lower level staffers without first consulting Human Resources.

In full-blown clap back mode, the Hawks are “adamantly denying” homies’ allegations…

A spokesperson for the team told TMZ Sports, they will “defend vigorously” their reputation, adding “[Samuel Hayes] was terminated for poor performance and his claims are baseless.”




By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_           

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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