LHHATL’s Karlie Redd SLAPPED with $1 MILLION defamation lawsuit


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta MILF, Karlie Redd, is being DRAGGED by her nostrils down to court by the man she falsely accused of attacking and nearly raping her.


Everybody’s favorite 50-year-old reality TV vixen has been SLAPPED with a defamation lawsuit by Christopher Powe (a.k.a. Pharaoh) for trolling his soul to the media and on social media with claims he attempted to sexually assault her ANDDD snap pervy pictures of her while she was asleep.


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karlie Redd
According to the legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Pharaoh says a scornful Karlie bad mouthed him for FILTH and threatened to have her goonies put them paws on him when he DUMPED her after their short-lived summer fling..
In light of the “Put You On” rapper’s mess-filled shenanigans, Pharaoh says he had to lay out MADDDDD COIN for a savvy PR savior to swoop down and rescue his sullied reputation.


Ol’ boy is GUNNING for $1 MILLION Karlie’s duckets as well as a retraction and an apology for her damning allegations.
As of now, the LHHATL honey has NOT made any public comments about the pricy lawsuit pending against her.
By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_        

Twitter: @Cheekywiki     

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