LHHATL’s Kirk Frost sued by secret baby mama for support coin


If Love And Hip-Hop’s Kirk Frost has any motorcycles or mini 4 wheelers hanging around outside of his and Rasheeda’s house, he may want to hide them from his smash-happy mother-in-law as rumors of his alleged side baby mama and baby are surfacing like dead fish in a pond…

This week, a woman named Jasmine Washington filed legal documents against the 47-year-old D-Lo Entertainment frontrunner for allegedly DEADING support payments towards her and their secret six month old son’s well being.
According to the paperwork, obtained by Bossip, ol’ Jasmine claims she happily served as Kirk’s “kept woman,” for over a year.

She alleges the LHHATL heavyweight–whose wandering crotch has been a highlighted issue in his and his “Boss Chick” rhyming wifey’ reality TV storyline– encouraged her not to work and gifted her with a living allowance plus a car as an incentive to continue playing the role of his mistress.
Shortly after giving birth to their baby boy, Kannon Mekhi Washington, Jasmine says she ended things with Kirk …and soon thereafter found herself in a “state of financial distress,” as he Hip-Hop honcho allegedly STOPPED blessing her bank accounts and took back the car he gave her…

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The 27-year-old new mother– who reportedly has absolutely NO income and hasn’t been able to secure a job– goes on to claim that her monthly expenses are $4,059 – plus another $1,456 that she has to pay to creditors.
Jasmine is said to be under the impression that Kirk makes about $10K a month and has multiple real estate properties; thus, she wants the married father of five pay her $2,500/mo in child support and hopes a judge will force him to reveal his exact income….and take a DNA test.

“Petitioner shows that as a result of the respondent’s actions, she has suddenly, and without warning, found herself struggling financially to provide basic needs for herself and her child,” Jasmine’s court papers state.

At this point, Rasheeda’s husband has not responded to Jasmine’s lawsuit.
So far, neither Kirk nor Rasheeda have commented on the woman’s claims.

By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

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