Life Less Golden: Jill Scott’s estranged hubby seeking marital assets, plus $500K for pain & suffering

Jill Scott’s estranged husband seems to be taking a page out of Mary J. Blige’s money-seeking ex’s book.

In response to the “A Long Walk” songstress’ November 2017 divorce petition, her soon-to-be former honey, Michael Dobson, is now reportedly slapping her with a countersuit, alleging that their prenuptial agreement is invalid and demanding half of their marital assets along with an extra $500,000 for his pain and suffering…


Per his legal documents, obtained by Bossip, Mike accuses Jill and her lawyers of coercing him to ink a prenup, ahead of their June 2016 wedding, sans his own legal representation.

Not only does homie claim the prenup was signed under duress and without his lawyers, but also claims the “Golden” singer violated the agreement’s confidentiality clause by speaking to the media about the divorce.

In his suit, Mike also claims Jill was a manipulative, controlling, and emasculating, wife who emotionless discarded their 15-month union and frequently enjoyed “dates” with “intimate male friends.”

“To (Jill), marriage is a matter of trivial convenience at best and a dispensable annoyance at worst, evidenced by the lightness, dismissiveness, and dehumanization,” his countersuit reads. “(Jill) never attempted to salvage the marriage, which she strenuously endeavored to destroy.”

Since filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences in the fall, Mike says Jill has enchanted her campaign of intimidation against him by allegedly sharing his mugshot amongst their social circle, and labeling him gay, violent, jobless, unstable and a con artist.


Jill Scott divorce

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Ol’ boy reportedly claims the stress of the divorce, coupled with the Why Did I️ Get Married actress’ alleged trolling has triggered a “severe depression,” damaged his reputation, and caused mental anguish. He is now in “intensive therapeutic treatment.”

“(Jill) has acted and continues to act categorically and diametrically the opposite of her contractual duty of good faith and fair dealing under the marriage contract,” her hubby says in his official papers. “As a result of her unspeakable actions, (Mike) has suffered and continues to suffer from her malignant schemes.”

In addition to seeking half of their marital assets, a $500K pain and suffering check, and their prenup to dubbed null and void, Jilly-from-Philly’s ex-sweetheart is said to want her to pay his lawyers fees and cease from speaking his name in the press.

“(Mike) has been a model of honesty and integrity,” his counter complaint states. “He loved and committed himself to (Jill) fully and unconditionally and gave her and her family his entire all. In return, (Mike) has been treated with nothing but trivialization and alienation.”

A judge has yet to rule on the divorce.

Sofar, Jill has yet to clap back at hersoured honey’s demands.


By: Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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