Lil Boosie building “criminal & civil” cases after cops admit to having his $1 million in jewelry 


Miracles happen everyday, B.

And Wednesday was apparently rapper, Lil Boosie’s day in the sun as he received an unexpected phone call claiming the ridiculously expensive jewelry he lost in the aftermath of a kerfuffle in Mississippi had miraculously been recovered by police..


After being involved in a messy pepper spray-infused mall melee in Biloxi, MS last weekend, the 34-year-old “Wipe Me Down” creator took to social media claiming the police stole his sack filled with $1 million worth of bling-bling out of the van he and his entourage rode in as they fled the fight scene..


Biloxi police has stolen a million dollars in jewelry from me we going protest soon follow my ig for times n dates I need my fans to support this injustice.This is 1968 all over again they trying to take my my jewelry from me this is crazy.When I see my Po Friday I'm asking permission to go to the steps of the Biloxi court with my fans,n lawyers n hold a press conference about this million dollar theft that has been committed.Im sick of the police ,the banks stealing my hard earned money I'm just tired I'm tired 💰💰like wtf / I'm bout to make so many hate songs about the cops /they get away with everything I'm headed to the studio n speak my fucking mind I'm releasing it to all bogs 12 noon tomorrow 👍freedom of speech repost n put Biloxi police you owe us millions as the caption/Don't go to there casinos r anything they have there this will happen to anyone successful hashtag #nobiloxinomore #nobiloximore don't go Biloxi all Boosie fans hashtag nobiloxinomore

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After several days of denying Boosie’s claims, the Biloxi police have finally admitted to having impounded the Louisiana native’s pricy goods following the mall brawl..

The city’s Public Affairs Manager, Vincent Creel, spilled to TMZ claiming cops found a suitcase full of gold jewelry and a stolen gun in the van they pulled over in connection with the scuffle between mall security and Boosie’s crew on Sunday.
Law enforcement agents were said to have given BadAzz and his peoples instructions on how to retrieve the jewels… but no one from the rapper’s camp followed through..



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In the middle of chopping it up with NewsOne Now’s Roland Martin, Boosie was notified that his big-ticket accessories were in fact in police custody… And the Hip-Hop honcho made it clear that he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth about the cops’ involvement in his brief jewelry heist.

“My sack is at the police station, with all my jewelry in there. And they’re telling me to come get it. I’m not coming to get it, I’m sending my attorney. I’m not going to Biloxi. This is crazy,” the vindicated lyricist said.

“Obviously, somebody got scared and all the sudden it’s found. A million dollars worth of jewelry is found. I just thank God for this.”
When asked if he was considering taking legal action against the guilty parties, Boosie said, “We’re sending private investigators down there to get all of our witnesses and all the officers that were involved… This is a criminal case and a civil case…This is only the beginning.”


By : Asia Grace

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