Lil Boosie “pissed off” over canceled show due to concert shooting [VIDEO]



“B**** I’m mad,” exclaimed an admittedly pissed off Lil Boosie after his headlining performance at a festival in Virginia was cancelled thanks to some trigger-happy shooters at the show who sent several victims to the hospital, over the weekend.

On Saturday, concertgoers of the 2nd Annual Spring Fest at VA’s Motorsports Park were shorted the pleasure of watching the 34-year-old “Wipe Me Down” lyricist do his thing live as gunfire reportedly erupted near the stage around 8:00 PM…


Lil Boosie shooting

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In the aftermath of the shooting–which was followed by more gunshots being sprayed off at various locations throughout the park that evening–two victims were immediately hospitalized for non-lethal injuries.

Cops from 5 different cities responded, but no suspects were arrested and it’s unclear how many shooters were involved, according to TMZ…
And because he wasn’t able to perform, Badazz let the world know just how mad his azz felt…

By : Asia Grace

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