Lil Kim calls K. Michelle a BLACK JELLY BEAN and MORE

You wanna rumble with the Bee, huh?

Lil Kim sent SHADE via SOUND WAVES to former friend K. Michelle while promoting her Hardcore mixtape on Power 105.1’s, “The Breakfast club.”



“That chic is a bag of pecans…A trail mix. When you eating a trail mix, all the nuts you like you eat and the nuts you can’t stand….She’s the bag of nuts that you put back…Like a black jelly bean. She is nuts! Yo, my son she is so nuts, you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips? First of all, why would I ever make her my child’s god mother. I’ve only met this woman one time, in person. We talk on the phone after that, because she’s a fan of mine…Let’s get this straight right now, we never had a conversation about this woman being my child’s god mother. I don’t know you. Why would I do that?”

Kim and K fell out via a Twitter war POPPED OFF by K. Michelle twitting that Nicki Minaj is the Queen of Rap.

Lil Kim and her lil bey hive WERE NOT HERE, THERE, or the NEXT PLACE for NONE OF THAT.

The original Queen Bee’s fans swarmed down on K. Michelle and started HELLA DRAMA, honey.

If she had called me, we would have never been on that predicament….We were tryna develop something. I woulda said something to my fans, if she would’ve called me, texted me….She never called me. She never said all of that…I’m so understanding…Let’s just put all out that on the table…”

MUVA Lil Kim WASN’T done there. Since she already had her SHADE GUNS BLAZING, she must have figured… Why not send MUVA MINAJ some too?

“She’s obsessed with me,” Kim said referring to Nicki. As we all know, the two RAP GAWDESSES have had an on-going public beef since Nick hit the scene back in ’07.

Kim made it CLEAR to 105.1 listeners that ANY and EVERYTHING she says about MUVA Nick is NOT bullying because Minaj sent out the first shots.

” She made the first record towards me? She’s continuously….She been waiting for so long to say the word ‘Queen Bee’ because that’s how obsessed with me. It’s so deep that when I’m finished putting together this documentary, people will fully understand….”

The documentary she is referring to is one she will release giving fans a closer/ behind the scenes look at the BEEF between her and Nick.

MUVA Lil Kim also SPILLED TEA about being pregnant with BIGGIE’s child at one point.

“Yeah, I definitely was. I don’t know if I have regrets though. Not keeping it. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t.”

Sorry Faith Evans and Jan (his two baby’s moms) guess y’all weren’t the only ones.

listen to your MUVA.
MUVA knows best.

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