Lil Kim claps back at haters over “Spanish girl” comment [VIDEO] 


Your girl Lil Kim is letting it be known that she’s everything but here for being trolled over her recent comments about being a “black girl trapped in a Spanish girl’s body.”


While chopping it up with AllHipHop, the music game’s 42-year-old Queen Bee took to task her detractors who digitally voiced their negative opinions about a recently exhumed interview during which she proudly flexed her connection to the Hispanic community.


“Why is that controversial though?,” Lil Kim said of her remarks. “Because people are stupid. And you’re all dumb. People just like to start s*** when they can’t find anything (else to say).”

Furthering her clap back at those who felt a way about her “Spanish girl” statements, the “No Matter What They Say,” spitter proudly gassed her affiliation with the other groups.


Lil Kim
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“At the end the day, I grew up around a lot of Latinas and Latino Men in my family and in my life. They don’t know that. I don’t give a f**k either. People just want to have something to say,” she said. “I’m very familiar with the culture and I’ve very familiar with other cultures too. Maybe that’s how I was feeling that day too.”

The Brooklyn bombshell continued, “I identify with certain cultures, which is a good thing. My daughter is also half Latina and I don’t think that’s by chance.”

“You just gotta laugh at they asses, because they’re stupid.”


By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki

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