Lil Mama on dissing Nicki Minaj “Anybody can get it” [VIDEO] 


Shortly after reclaiming her space in your iTunes library with the release of hit track “Sausage,” Lil Bow Wo..oops, we meant Lil Mama, caused a stir on social media when she dropped her Nicki Minaj dissing single, “Too Fly.”

On the song, the 26-year-old native New Yorker came for the Trinidad born “Only” femcee by saying:

“If I was born in Trini and I moved to the states/With all the rage, I would have got deported/I should punch you in your face for making me grandma/with all these sons and uncle grandpa’s/And the stunts you be pulling like you bloody, bloody mad/’Til I smack you in the face while I’m writing these anthems.” 

 Lil Mama on dissing Nicki Minaj  


Unsurprisingly, when Lil Mama’s project hit airwaves, Nicki’s stans were PISSED off by the low key shade she tossed at their leader and they hurled hateful tweets her way for days. 


During a recent chop up with VladTV, the “Lipgloss” lyricist did everything but deny coming for MUVA Minaj on wax…

“If [Nicki’s fans] took it as a shot, it’s a shot, because perception is reality. At the end of the day I’m not here to say, ‘No, I didn’t [diss Nicki],’ it is what it is. If they look at it as ‘oh, she took a shot at Nicki,’ there it is.”


She went on to say, “It’s a sport. For me it’s not a personal thing. So whether its her or him, anybody can get it.”


“I’m never gonna stand down. I’m never going to say, ‘Oh, I’m not talking to him,’ or “Oh, I’m not talking to her,’ it is what it is. I feel like when it comes to rap I’m one of the best to do this,” the rapper added. 


Throughout the rest of her interview, Lil Mama spoke about her inconsistency as an emcee, her mother’s battle with cancer, and more. 




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