Lil Wayne accuses Birdman of running through $70 MILLION


Little did Lil Wayne know that when he and Birdman got together to collaborate on track, “Money To Blow,” the Cash Money Records CEO was lowkey taking the lyrics to heart.
The messtastic beef between Weezy and his former faux-papa has taken yet another turn for the worse as the “Fireman” rapper is claiming Birdman robbed him of his fair share in a multi-million dollar deal…
According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Wayne says Universal Music Group advanced the 47-year-old music mogul $100 million for a distribution deal, but the 33-year-old temporarily retired emcee didn’t get his half of the dough…he barely got a fourth…
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Apparently, Birdman admitted to spending approximately $70 MILLION of them advance COINS on royalties, marketing and recording expenses; however, the Young Money mastermind allegedly wants to see the receipts in order to prove that the money wasn’t frivolously spent.
Lil Wayne’s legal peoples–who are presumably busy working on the $51 million case he has against Birdman and Cash Money– are reportedly accusing the label and mogul of never turning over the proper docs on where the $70 mill was allocated.
By : Asia Grace

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