Lil Wayne confirms retirement from rap; says he will NEVER work with Birdman again


Lil Wayne just dropped bombs on the heads of Hip-Hop enthusiasts worldwide as the rapper confirmed that he is indeed retiring from music… at least until Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman, runs him his money…




Today, the 33-year-old “Forever” rhymer, took his legendary talents to “Undisputed” where he explained the cryptic tweet he penned in the wee hours of the morning on September 2 in which he announced his impending retirement from the microphone. 


While choppin it up with show host, Skip Bayless, Weezy revealed that his decision  to tender his resignation from spitting came after a HEATED argument with Birdman–who he’s currently suing for $51 million…

“This is business. I have a family. I have kids. I have a mother. We have bills. This is just business,” Wayne spilled during the interview. “Once the business is right, the everything is right.”

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He added, “I didn’t take the tweet down cause I said I did feel that way and I still feel that way. And until something is done about it then maybe I’ll change.”

Taking his disdain for the man he once kissed and called “daddy” even further, when asked if he’d ever work with Birdman again once their money beef subside, Tunechi smoothly replied, “No sir,” and flashed his bling’ed-out smile. 

Though Lil Wayne seems to be sticking to his guns about leaving rap until Birdman properly pays him his DOUGH, the Louisiana native made it clear that he will NEVER stop working on his craft…
“The height of my talent or the height of my career… I haven’t reached that yet,” he said. 




By : Asia Grace 

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