Lil Wayne does NOT consider Birdman family


Though Lil Wayne once proudly deemed himself the “Birdman Jr.,” the rapper turned author recently revealed that he no longer reveres the Cash Money Records CEO as a father figure…or even a distant cousin.
If you let the “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” lyricist tell it, he’s become something like a fatherless child since his major falling out with the 47-year-old music mogul over money and the delayed release of his highly anticipated LP, Tha Carter V…

While promoting his new memoir, “Gone Til’ November,” Weezy gave drop on the severity of his estrangement from Birdman in light of their year-long legal dispute…
When asked if he and the “Baby, You Can Do It,” spitter would ever rekindle their once seemingly unbreakable bond, the Louisiana native told HipHollywood, “I’m 34 baby, I’m too old for friends.”


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Tuenchi–who has unabashedly screamed “F*** Cash Money” and/or “F*** Birdman” during a number of his performances over the last few months– went on to make it clear that the formerly warm feelings he had for the man he once called “daddy,” have now frozen harder than Elsa’s snow white braid extensions…
“His last name isn’t Carter, baby. He’s not family,” he in response to questions about his and Birdman now DEADED familial ties.




Although it’s clear that Lil Wayne is nowhere near being here for peacing thing up with his ex-mentor, we hope they can come to an understanding that will at least allow for the release of Tha C5...



By : Asia Grace

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