Lil Wayne hooked Rikers Island prison guard up with a supermodel during his bid


We all have that one little friend who knows everybody, has had a couple of cute relationships, and is always trying to hook you up with somebody they’re kinda cool with…Well in jail, that friend was Lil Wayne…
In the 34-year-old “How To Love” rapper’s soon to drop memoir, “Gone Til November,” he recounts putting his matchmaking skills to work while serving an 8 month bid behind the walls of Rikers Island on gun charges…

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According to the handwritten journal he kept during his incarceration, when Weezy wasn’t busy participating in the wedding ceremonies of his gay fellow inmates or crying over Drake’s admission to f***ing one of his women, the Young Money HNIC was hooking up prison guards with top models…
“I spoke with [a correction officer] about the suicide prevention job and hooked him up with a chick from a magazine he had. It went well and that’s all I’m going to say about that, haha,” Wayne spilled in an excerpt of his book, obtained by PageSix.
Though the wealthy Hip-Hop god proudly assumed the role of Rikers’ Millionaire Matchmaker, he claims he tried to hide the fact that he grossed $20 MILLION while on lockdown via tracks he collaborated on with other artists.
Tunechi wrote, “I was trying to keep it on the low up in here, but Forbes (bleep)ing blew my cover and announced that in three months I had just made $20 million . . . in jail.”
Weezy’s “Gone Til November” is slated to hit shelves on October 11.
By : Asia Grace

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