Lil Wayne says reality hit him when Diddy and Kanye West paid him a visit in prison 



While starting off each day being frigidly greeted by stern-faced prison guards and the clamorous clinking sound of shutting jail cell bars would be enough to petrify the average joe, rapper Lil Wayne says the harsh reality of his incarceration back in 2010 didn’t hit him until he had a visit from a couple of his fellow Hip-Hop megastars.



As the truths revealed in his newly released lock-down memoir, Gone Til November, continue to shock music lovers worldwide, the 34-year-old ex-Cash Money Records rider has been busy spilling even more guts about his 8 month bid in Rikers Island…

While recently chopping it up with the Associated Press, Weezy confessed that a welcomed drop-in from Diddy and Kanye West during his time in the bing caused him to realize that he’d truly been stripped of his freedom.

“When I was there, actually talking to them during the visitation, they made it so real,” the New Orleans native said. “They threw all the ‘Who’s in this room’ out of there. That was thrown out the window. They were like, ‘How you feeling? What are you going through? Do you need anything, like do you really need anything? Do your parents need anything? And then, I said the moment it hit me was going back up to the cell.”

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Though Wayne admits that forcibly returning to his mandatory quarters sucked, the “Sorry For The Wait,” rhymer does say that his fellow inmates– and even some of the correctional officers– made his stay in the big house feel like “home.”

“It was due to the people around (me),” he said when describing how he maintained his sanity on lockdown. “When I say the people around me, I mean the prisoners, the guards… They took all the cliche (out) of whatever I thought it was gonna be, they took that and threw it right out the window. They made me feel like, for lack of a better word, to say like I was at home. And it was everybody…Nobody wants to be there, not even the guards. So when you come through there, for everybody to treat you the same… Whatever it was, it worked.”



By : Asia Grace

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