Lil Yachty on his beef with Soulja Boy: “He looked like a joke” [VIDEO] 



Your bro, Lil Yachty, ain’t one for holding his tongue.

And recently, the rookie rapper took his talents and candy red dread locks on over to the Bay Area where he freely jawed about his filthy social media beef with Soulja Boy and his controversial comments concerning the hype surrounding the late Notorious B.I.G..


Over the weekend, the 19-year-old Atlanta bred “All In,” rhymer openly spilled guts about his digital beef with the Love And Hip Hop Hollywood starring lyricist he once considered an inspiration and a friend.


“I’m not used to all these egos,” Boat said as he began discussing his beef with Soulja– which was ignited after Yachty asked the SODMG representative to a delete picture of him and India Love on Instagram. “When you think someone is your friend, you talk to your friend about a problem, as I assume. But I’m so new to Hip-Hop and rap and rappers and fake personas and actors…cause rappers are actors, and I wasn’t aware.”

He continued, “It blew up fast because he made it blow up fast. Like he made it something that it wasn’t. And then he saw how many people were behind me […] People saw how stupid he was or was acting. Then he kinda started coming to his senses. The he called me and apologized to me.”


Lil Yachty

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In response to rumors claiming he reached out to Soulja to say sorry for their messy exchange, the “Broccoli” spitter said, “I’d never do that, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

And before confirming that he’s NOT at all interested in reconciling with the “Crank That” mastermind, Yachty dammed his foe for DRAGGING his good name through the mud for attention.

“He looked like a joke but then my name was tied to that joke and it just made me look foolish… It just looked like a corny fake rap beef and I didn’t have nothing to do with that […] But, its in the last and he’s in the past,” Boat served.

Later, when asked about the backlash he caught for labeling Biggie Smalls an “overrated” fixture of the culture, the self proclaimed leader of rap’s new school –who admittedly wasn’t raised listening to Hip-Hop music– revealed that he doesn’t feel up and coming artists have to respect veteran emcees in the game.



By : Asia Grace

Instagram: @Vavabooom/ @TheOfficialCheekywiki_          

Twitter: @Cheekywiki          

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