Litty Again: Kanye West reportedly “focused” and ready to resume Saint Pablo Tour in 2018


Though we’re only half-way through 2017, ’bout it ’bout it Hip-Hop heads can already begin yanking out their edges in excitement for the future as Kanye West is said to be gearing up to resume his Saint Pablo Tour, as early as next year…


2018 already has littness written all over it thanks to rumors claiming Kim Kardashian’s 40-year-old “Famous” flowing fellow is poised to re-slay center-stage with a bevy of new and improved elements for his previously postponed concert series…




Chatty patty insiders with inf concerning the fashion-toward Chi-Town rhymer’s forthcoming resurgence to the spotlight tell TMZ, Kanye– who, in November 2016, spent several days under specialized supervision at Los Angeles’ UCLA Medical Center for paranoia and depression, shortly after unexpectedly canceling his Saint Pablo Tour— is now more “physically and mentally” stable than ever and is “focused, engaged, and has overcome the issues that landed him in the hospital last year.”
Insiders also claim Ye’s team has recently reignited talks with Saint Pablo Tour producers, Live Nation, who is said to be, “…ready to jump as soon as [Kanye] gives the green light.”

Kanye West Saint Pablo Tour

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Though the “Father, Stretch My Hands” spitter’s signature floating stage served as the eye-catching centerpiece of his 2016 musical cornucopia, sources reportedly say the culture-moving father of two will either make major improvements to the gravity-defying platform or replace it with something even more litty…
Yeezy–who was said to have isolated himself in the mountains of Wyoming, for several weeks, in order to privately curate his next lyrical masterpiece– is also believed to be making serious changes to his concert’s set list as well as a number of the show’s various special effects.
And while the celebrated rap/production G.O.A.T. is supposedly traversing a speedy, yet stabilized, path back towards the limelight, informants allege that he’s aggressively avoiding artificial deadlines, because it creates stress…Which ultimately leads to bad things.



Kanye sources maintain that even though he doesn’t have a specific timeline for releasing his new album or jumping back on tour… All that and more could be underway by the next calendar change…


By : Asia Grace

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